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Economic empowerment committee

The Economic Empowerment Committee advocates for, promotes, and supports initiatives that bring the Black community into the economic mainstream, build community into the economic mainstream, build community wealth, and facilitate self-determination. This committee aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Champion investments in communities that have suffered from structural racism and policies that have left them economically and socially isolated.

  • Empower more Black people to own and manage enterprises. Enterprises are regarded as black-owned if Black people own 51% of the enterprise, and Black people have substantial management control of the business.

  • Promote access to finance for black economic empowerment. 

  • Ensure that black-owned enterprises benefit from government procurement and contracts.

  • Advocate for a wage that provides the money necessary to meet basic needs.

  • Promote the availability and affordability of physical and mental health services to achieve the best health outcomes.

  • Stimulate human resource development of Black people through education and training, for example, mentorships, internships, fellowships, and apprenticeships. 

  • Improve the Black Community's financial literacy and wellness. Including readiness to make sound financial decisions regarding earning, consuming, saving, investing, bowing, insuring, understanding risk, and gathering information. 

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