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BCCM Committees

BCCM appoints a committee to guide each of its priorities - Economic Empowerment, Civic Engagement, and Criminal Justice Reform. Also, committees exist to guide operations - Budget and Finance, Membership, and Policy Development.

Issues Committees

Economic Empowerment

Advocate for, promote, and support initiatives that bring the Black community into the economic mainstream, build community wealth, and facilitates self-determination. 

Civic Engagement

Works to equip Memphians with the knowledge and skills they need to contribute as active and informed members of a democratic society and promote the growth of healthy communities, global economic vitality, social justice, and the common good. 

Criminal Justice Reform

Strives to end harsh policies and racial inequities at every point the criminal justice system intervenes in the lives of Memphians. 

Operational Committees

Budget & Finance

Provides financial oversight and develops an annual operating budget in collaboration with staff; monitors adherence to the budget, and establishes short and long-range financial goals with funding strategies. It presents all financial plans, proposals, and reports to the Executive Committee and the general body.


Responsible for educating stakeholders about the social and economic justice policies that affect the Black community. The Committee will also use its platforms to inform stakeholders about opportunities for education, training, and employment and to motivate them to take action to improve the community.


Responsible for identifying and contacting potential and existing members. They may host special events, issue surveys, and send invitational letters for the sole purpose of meeting and greeting prospective members and retaining existing members by raising awareness of the value of their membership. 

Public Policy

Guides the organization's focus and strategy on city, county, state, and federal policy matters; seeks out experts to explain research trends, and policy proposals; and recommends studies on projects designed to advance policy priorities. 

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